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The papers will deal with the prevention and reconditioning of injuries in football:

- description of injury incidences and characteristics

- analysis of injury risk factors

- quantification of training load and its relationship with injury rate

- theoretical proposals and effects of injury prevention programmes

​Before the Congress

   Language of the text: English

   Formatting: Example

II International Congress of Reconditioning and Prevention of Football Injuries, 2024, April 18-19  (Time News Roman 18, bold)

Title (Time News Roman 16, bold)


Authors  (Time News Roman 14), e.g. Otaegi, M. 1,2; López, A.C.1


Affiliations  (Time News Roman 14), e.g. 1University of the Basque Country; 2University of Victoria


Text (Time News Roman 12)

Text is restricted to 600 words (excluding references)

Line-spacing: simple

Citation style: Vancouver.

The references need to be listed at the end of the abstract.

A Table or Figure is allowed.


Key words: 4  (Time News Roman 12), e.g. football; match; injury; hamstring

   Authors and Registrations: 1-4 authors, two registrations; 5-8 authors, three registrations.

   Submission deadline (new data): February 24, 2024

​   A maximum of two communications per author are permitted

   Notification of the final decision: Before February 28, 2024

​During the Congress

 Modalities: Onsite (April 18) or Online (April 19)

 Language of the presentations: English, Spanish or Basque.

After the Congress

The Scientific Committee will select the best abstracts. These could be published in the book of the congress in English. The authors would be invited to write a large version of the abstract. The Scientific Committee of the Congress will be responsible of reviewing the large version.

* All abstract content is the sole responsibility of the author(s) of the abstract.

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